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The Division of Thoracic Surgery participates in the education of medical students and residents at Dalhousie University. Clinical clerks and surgical residents regularly rotate on the thoracic surgery service and are actively involved in the care of thoracic surgery patients. Teaching is done in the form of weekly Wednesday morning rounds, and hands-on learning on the ward as well as in the operating rooms. Members of the thoracic team have a rich clinical experience participating in clinics, endoscopy and in the OR. The Thoracic Surgery service has always been a popular rotation among surgical residents. Because of our rich experience in the care of thoracic oncology patients, residents from other specialties such as respirology, medical / radiation oncology, and pathology have chosen to join our team on an elective basis.

Thoracic Surgery Fellowship Program

The Division of Thoracic Surgery offers a twelve to eighteen month non-accredited thoracic surgery fellowship. Our clinical program offers a rich and diverse experience in all aspects of thoracic surgery. Uniques strengths of our program include training in:

  • thoracoscopic lobectomy
  • image-guided VATS resections
  • complex thoracic oncologic resections including extrapleural pneumonectomy for malignant mesothelioma
  • minimally invasive benign and malignant foregut surgery
  • endoscopy, including laser bronchoscopy and esophageal stents
  • thoracic outlet syndrome

Currently the fellowship is not a Royal College accredited program and does not lead to Thoracic Board eligibility. The fellowship is ideally suited for thoracic surgeons who have completed or are in the midst of completing a full thoracic residency at their home institution and wish to enrich their clinical experience.

Previous Dalhousie Thoracic Surgery Fellows and current practice location:

Dr. Giovanni Carboni Bern, Switzerland
Dr. Teruya Komatsu Kobe, Japan
Dr. Donald Whitaker Cambridge, UK


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